Check if connected. The cellar is not ON. The circuit is closed or a fuse is blown. The cellar should be the only device plugged into the outlet. It is recommended that a 15 amp circuit dedicated exclusively to supply the cellar.
Check the temperature settings on the control. The external environment requires parameters colder on the control. The door is opened often. The door is not completely closed. The seal does not close properly
This is normal slight temperature differences are necessary for the functioning of the cellar. When the device starts a defrost cycle, the temperature rises a little. When the refrigeration system resumes operation, the temperature cools. These changes occur over short periods and their influence is too small to be able to affect the storage of wine. The liquid tends to maintain an average temperature.
Does your cellar is filled to at least 50% of its capacity? Your cellar is it running for more than 48 hours?
The room temperature is hotter than normal. A big content has been added in the cellar. The door is opened too often. The door is not completely closed. The temperature is not well adjusted. The seal does not close properly.
The cellar is connected? The circuit is closed or a fuse is blown. The light is closed.
Check whether thecellar is level. Ensure that no parts inside the cellar or back of the compressor are loose.
Noise can reach the coolant which is normal. At each cycle ends, you may hear a gurgling sound caused by the coolant. The expansion and contraction of the interior walls can cause cracking noises. The unit is not level. Ceiling height and the size of the room can also affect the intensity.
Adjust the leveling feet in front of the cellar until the door is also cellaring
The cellar is not level. The door was reversed and not properly installed. The gasket is dirty. The shelves are installed incorrectly.
It is likely that the lock can not equal the room"L". Make sure the cellar is level.
Make sure that the guides are properly engaged.
It is likely that the handle (lock) is not in his coach or the lock can not equal with the piece "L". Make sure the door is flush with the cellar.
Make sure the drain is in the evaporation pan to the back of the cellar. If yes, very wet period, it may be necessary to catch the excess water in the tray.
This is a phenomenon to be observed especially in a summer moisture. Check if the door seal is tight. It is recommended during times of high humidity absorb excess water that forms on the inside of your cellar.
This is a very normal phenomenon when water vapor freezes. However, when the cooling cycle ends immediately returns to the ice water.
For very humid period, mainly in summer, this situation may occur.

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